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Does Visaways guarantee issuance of visa?

No. Our services are restricted to only providing guidance which will maximise your chances of procuring your visa.

My Visa application has already been rejected. Can I approach Visaways?

Yes. You can still approach us despite being rejected. We have many clients who had been rejected and have subsequently got a visa with our professional and personal guidance.

Can I approach you for a job in the US?

No. We are not an employment agency. We do not help in procurement of jobs. If you get a job, we can only guide you with your visa application process.

Will Visaways prepare my documents?

No. We will only give you the guidance for the right documentation with minimum requirements. It will be your responsibility to procure the documents from the respective sources (eg: bank statements, marriage/birth certificate etc.)

I do not know any Chartered Accountant. Can you help in identifying a Chartered Accountant who can give a financial statement for me?

Yes. We will give you contact numbers and you need to contact them and pay their fees directly.

I feel I may not get the visa. Can I still approach you?

Yes you can approach us. If our experts feel that your application will be rejected, they will advise you to withdraw your application. If you still wish to pursue further, you are free to do so.

My son has a temporary work visa. I wish to travel to the US along with him. Do I have to wait until he reaches the US and sends the documents before I apply for my visa?

No. You do not have to wait. You can approach us for the necessary guidance.

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